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The primary objective of the course titled "Equality and Non-Discrimination in the European Union" is to provide students with the analytical capability to understand the rationale and state of the art of EU anti-discrimination legislation. The course examines the corpus of European Union law prohibiting discrimination on the grounds of sex, racial or ethnic background, religion or beliefs, disability, age and sexual orientation. The course uses a problem-based approach to examine the legal framework of EU protection against discrimination, on top of international, regional and national legal systems. The second objective of the course is to provide students with knowledge and application skills essential for their further academic (to conduct research on equality and discrimination) and professional careers in the public authority (knowledge of nature and scope of obligations of the public authority with respect to non-discrimination and ability to exercise these duties in accordance with the law).

All forms of students’ activities will be oriented towards problem-solving to give them opportunities to develop creativeness, inventiveness and teamwork skills.

The seminar will cover 120 hours in 4 semesters. 

The best students will receive a chance to author an essay devoted to the selected issue associated with the seminar's subject matter, published under the series “Equality, diversity, inclusion: students' perspective”.


Pobierz plik (D.2. Seminarium dyplomowe ADM ST 2018 2020.pdf) 2. Seminarium 2018-2020

Pobierz plik (sylabus seminar ang.pdf) 2.1. Seminarium 2018-2020 ENG 

Pobierz plik (sem dyplomowe 2016 do 2018 ADM I.pdf) 1. Seminarium 2016-2018 

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